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Prom Planning Check List

We all hope that planning for prom is simple and easy and just a matter of finding the right dress, the right accessories and the right date.  But there is more to it than that.  This is a short checklist to help you keep on track.

Try an everything and don't expect everything to fit or to coordinate perfectly the first time.  Try on your dress, shoes and accessories.  You must not only make sure they fit, but does the shoes really go perfectly with the dress you chose.  Everything you wear must complement each other to give you that perfect look.  Don't forget to also coordinate your underwear with your dress.  Will the dress you select look better if you are wearing a girdle?  The shoes may look hot, but can you dance on them for hours without killing your feet.  What use is pretty shoes if you are dancing in your stocking feet anyway.


If you want the hair and makeup to be perfect you'll have to try several test runs before hand.  It is always important at these times to see if the hairstyle can hold for an extended period.  Also what touchups will you need to your makeup after dancing in a hot crowded dance floor.  You want to look as pretty at the end of the night as you did at the beginning.


Make reservation at the stylist and dinner several weeks in advance.  Everyone is shooting for the same prom date (or in a bigger city several dates around the same time.)  You don't want to find out your favorite stylist is booked when you need her.


Plan post-prom activities and contingencies.  Think though what you you want to do after the prom.  Make sure you have a way to get there.  Have other plans if things don't work out.  Don't let a limo driver who arrives late ruin your plans.  Better to have a backup plan than no plan.


Don't forget to buy your prom tickets early.  Your senior year goes fast.


Order your date's boutonniere.  You can make one yourself by clicking here if you like.


Enjoy yourself!  No matter what happens don't take it too seriously.  Even the worse disasters will be something you can laugh at years down the road.  Don't forget, in the end, The Prom is just a party and not really important.  It's your grades that follow you the rest of your life, not what happened at Prom.


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