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Save Money: Make your own Boutonnieres

It only costs a few dollars to make your own do it yourself boutonniere.  Here is how.

What you Need

  1. A rose or carnation
  2. A small filler flower, like Queens Anne Lace or Baby's Breath
  3. Approximately four inch leaf.  The prom will be in spring there will be planty growing around you.  Pick a nice one.
  4. Green floral tape from a crafts store
  5. Pearl-headed pin
  6. Scissors

How to do it

  1. Make a bed for your flower by placing the filler flower over the green leaf
  2. Cut the stem of the flower so it is about an inch shorter than your leaf
  3. Place the flower upon the bed you made.  Line up all three stems and then wrap with floral tape from top to bottom.
  4. Refrigerate until your date arrives.
  5. Fasten boutonniere with pearl-headed pin.  Be careful not to stick your date.

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