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Beautiful for prom in four weeks

Being beautiful for prom doesn't only mean you have picked out the perfect dress and hair style.  It also means your skin is soft and neither too oily nor too dry, your nails are shapely and not chipped.  Beauty is everywhere from the tips of your toes to the top of your head.  You can't make sure everything is perfect in one day so start early and here is how.

28 Days Before Prom:
Don't stress about the prom.
The prom is supposed to be fun, not stressful.  Nothing will cause that unexpected zit or shaving accident then worrying about the prom.
27 Days Before Prom:
Get some exercise.
I don't mean the start of a whole new diet exercise plan to lose an extra five pounds. That will actually add stress to your life. What I mean is something simple like walking an extra 10 blocks a day or 10 minutes of yoga type stretching. Exercise clears the mind and revitalizes the body. The healthier your body is the better you will look.
26 Days before prom
Drink eight cups of water a day.
Water flushes out toxins from the body. These toxins can cause your skin, hair and even your nails to appear dull. You don't have to buy expensive bottled water. Tap water is fine.
25 Days Before Prom:
Sleep Well.
Your mind and body need time to recharge and that time is when you sleep. Skin, hair and nails renew themselves while the rest of your body slumbers.
24 Days Before Prom:
Clear off all makeup.
You should already know not to sleep with your makeup on. Besides waking up with a stained pillow the makeup is a breeding area of bacteria which can cause zits and other skin problems. Your skin also needs to breathe as part of the renewing process.
23 Days Before Prom:
Start a skin cleansing regimen.
Beautiful skin is clean skin. Use a creamy cleanser to moisturize your skin if your skin is too dry. Use a cleanser with a zit fighting ingredient if your skin is too oily. Your cleanser should be alcohol free that won't irritate your skin
22 Days Before Prom:
Eat more fruits and veggies.
Fruits and veggies have all sorts of vitamins for healthy skin and hair.  Vitamin A and Vitamin E are especially good for skin and hair.  The goodness of most fruits and veggies will also add vitality to you in general.  Feeling good is important to looking good. 
21 Days Before Prom:
Cut down on fast food.
Not alone fast food, but you should also cut down on oily and processed foods. Try to eliminate them by a week before the prom. Plenty of time to have burgers after the prom is over . . . well maybe you can wait until after graduation which is another big day.
20 Days Before Prom:
Find you prom hair style.
You should look through magazines for styles that'll look good on you.  Don't get too outrageous, if you hair is short stick with a short look, if its long then you have more flexibility.  The more you do to your hair, the more problems you will have fixing it if it doesn't come out how you expect it.  Book two appointments with your stylish, one for about a week before prom and another on prom day.  Go to a stylist you trust, this is no time to start a relationship with someone new.
19 Days Before Prom:
Use a zit-cleaning body wash.
You can have acne on your back or any other part of your body. Even if it is rare, its better safe than sorry. Use a zit-cleaning body wash during your showers.
18 Days Before Prom:
Use a moisturizer day and night.
Your makeup will look its best if your skin is soft, clear, smooth and hydrated.
17 Days Before Prom:
Get a humidifier.
Heat and air conditioning can dull the skin and make your hair dry and staticky.  Sleeping with a humidifier is one of several ways to keep your skin moisturized.
16 Days Before Prom:
Coat your nails with strengthener.
Use a nail strengthener once every two to three days to get your nails in shape. If you bite your nails, STOP!!! Schedule a manicure and a pedicure for two days before the prom.
15 Days Before Prom:
Exfoliate your feet.
Use a foot scrub to exfoliate your feet and remove dry patches.  The scrub should contain pumice and/or sea salt to soften calluses and remove rough skin.
14 Days Before Prom:
Replace your pillow case every 3 to 4 days.
While you sleep, oils from your face deposit themselves on your pillow case.  Changing you pillow case every few days prevents these oils from coming back on you and causing problems.
13 Days Before Prom:
Don't stress about the prom.
The prom is getting closer.  Remember, the prom is supposed to be fun, not stressful.  Nothing will cause that unexpected zit or shaving accident then worrying about the prom.
12 Days Before Prom:
Hair stylist appointment.
Now itís time for your trial run to get your hair done. Have an open and frank discussion with your stylist about what you want to do and everything else you will be wearing. Be open and receptive to your stylistís advice. What looks good on a model in a magazine might not be possible with your hair length, curliness or thickness. You can bring a friend for a second opinion. If there is a problem, you have time to fix it.
11 Days Before Prom:
Test nail colors.
Now is the time to see how each color will look with your dress, hair, rings and other accessories
10 Days Before Prom:
Exfoliate your face every three days.
Use a gentle scrub with minute granules to buff away impurities. The top layers of dead skin cells dull your skin. Removing them is very important. Avoid harsh scrubs that can irritate your skin causing redness.
9 Days Before Prom:
Give yourself a facial.
Apply a firming mask made of clay to remove pimple causing oils stuck deep in your pores. If you are satisfied with the results, you can do it again in about five days.
8 Days Before Prom:
Stop drinking caffeinated drinks.
Caffeine is a diuretic (it dehydrates you). You have spent lots of time hydrating your skin and you don't want some of that work to go to waste. So stop drinking beverages with lots of caffeine in it. Energy drinks have the most, coffee is next and cola type sodas are next. Cut down and try to drink none of them at all by about three or four days before the prom. You should be drinking eight cups of water a day anyway so you shouldn't be thirsty.
7 Days Before Prom:
Warm showers not hot.
Long hot showers strip your skin of the natural oils that you need to keep your skin moisturized. So limit yourself to warm showers of 10 to 15 minutes.
6 Days Before Prom:
Cut down on the candies.
Sugary treats can cause your body to produce more oil.  It's a delicate balance between too much oil and too little oil.  Strive for a healthier and snack with apples, pears, celery sticks carrots etc.  Besides the prom is in spring time with is the time when really great fruits are reemerging in the grocery stores after their winter hibernation. 
5 Days Before Prom:
Keep your hands off your face.
Your hands are forever touching all sorts of pimple causing dirt and bacteria so keeping your hands away from your face is imperative. Washing you hands often will not only keep your face looking good, and it may also keep you from getting a last minute cold. It is also important to resist popping a pimple. This invariably makes it worse. Freeze it with an ice cube to reduce swelling and then use a benzoyl peroxide lotion to remove it after cleaning your face.
4 Days Before Prom:
Use a cuticle cream .
Prevent hang nails and soften the skin around your nails by using a cuticle cream.  This will prepare your hands for you manicure in a couple of days.
3 Days Before Prom:
Apply self tanner.
If you want or need a tan this is the day to do it.  You'll need a couple of days for the tanner to settle in and give you a natural-look color.  We don't recommend tanning booths that can dry the skin and cause other damage. 
2 Days Before Prom:
Get manicure and pedicure.
This is when you should do it. Make sure to obtain a bottle of this polish so you can do a quick touch up if there is a chip.
1 Days Before Prom:
Wash and condition your hair.
Slightly dirty hair will give your style more hold when you see your stylist tomorrow.

Prom Day

Don't forget to wear a button down shirt so you can remove it easily without mussing your hair. Don't forget to put in your purse hair spray and a brush, nail polish, blotting papers and makeup for those quick touch ups. The day is here to have fun so don't worry about anything. You have done your best and no matter how you try something small will probably go wrong. Don't sweat it. The same thing is happening to everyone else anyway.


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