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Should you do your own wedding/prom make-up or hire a professional

If you're talented at makeup and you know what you like then you should definitely say to do it yourself. But, the only other consideration is this, is your bridesmaids or maid of honor good at doing their own makeup? It would be terrible to look like a vampire hooker at your wedding/prom, but it's almost as bad to be standing beside a bridesmaid who looks like a vampire hooker in your photos! (Of course, if your prom theme is vampire hooker, that might not be too much of a problem.) If you can't trust the other girls, then maybe you should hire someone to do the whole wedding party's makeup. This works for the Prom too, all your friends can get together early in the day and all have their hair and makeup done together.

Some say that on your big day, you should look like you! You can treat yourself to some new makeup (do at least one test run before the big day) and do it yourself. It may be one of the more relaxing things you do all day!

It is our opinion to have a professional do your makeup since it is one less thing to worry about. Most makeup artists offer a trial so we would really recommend getting in touch with the makeup artist and bringing some pictures of what you are after (make sure the same person does the trial is the one that does your makeup on the day) this way you can decide whether you are happy with it or not! Before you decide on a makeup artist have them show you what they have in mind. (If you and all your bridesmaids all have their makeup done together, sometimes they even have her come to the reception and keep everyone looking fresh. )

Also, you have to look at it like this . . . Do you want to look like you do normally with your make up in your wedding/prom photos? You spent lots of money on your dress, shoes, hair and lots of other details, wouldn’t it be best to be all done up like you have never done before for that special day?

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