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Carefully make up your prom makeup

Now that you've chosen the special dress for that special day, you'll want your makeup to appear as unmade-up as possible. You'll want your makeup to appear natural and beautiful, not caked on like putty.

Before the big day arrives you'll want to get your skin in the best shape possible. Treat your skin well and avoid using products that can cause irritation or side effects such as dryness, flaking or redness.

When purchasing foundation, remember that it will serve as the basis of your makeup routine. Foundation is either oil-based or water-based. If you have oily skin, you may want to choose a water-based foundation, and if you have dry skin, you may want to use an oil-based foundation. Oily, problem skins will benefit from oil-free foundations with oil absorbers.

Choose a foundation as similar as possible to the color of your own skin. When shopping for foundation, try a color on the inside of your wrist or across the cheek and jawbone. Your foundation should disappear into the skin, and blend with the skin tone of the neck and not the face, as this is where the difference will show up.

When trying out a new color, wait three minutes before making a decision, as the oil on your skin and the way the foundation reacts to the air can darken the shade you've chosen.

Make sure your makeup is well blended, especially at the jawline. When adding lipstick, blush and eye makeup, remember to emphasize the eyes - the gateway to your soul.

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