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Use color to say it best

The color of a gown can reflect your mood and influence your attitude, but above all present you at your loveliest - if you use it skillfully. Before buying a dress for a special occasion, consider your personal coloring. Hold up a fabric to your face and look at the way it relates to the color of your hair, eyes and complexion.

Although you may prefer a particular color, remember that jade green, for instance, won't look the same on you as a shade of Kelly green, and that a rich burgundy red does not come across the way fire engine red does. And also remember that although the rules say a redhead should avoid pink, and that someone with sallow skin must not wear yellow, variations in colors and personal coloring might alter this strict interpretation of color rules.

You can use color to accent or downplay certain parts of your figure. The cool colors of blue, green and violet make the figure appear smaller; while the warm colors of red, yellow and orange increase apparent size. Bright colors make a person look larger; duller colors make her look smaller. By contrasting colors boldly, you'll create an illusion of greater size, whereas a more subtle color scheme will make your figure seem more compact. The eye is drawn to the brightest of contrasting colors, so use this principle to draw the eye to areas you'll want to accent. Keep this in mind when choose accessories, such as gaily colored scarves or belts, bracelets or necklaces.

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