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Simple Prom Economics.
There are ways to enjoy prom while cutting costs.



Young women can spend an enormous amount of money getting their hair, skin and nails prepared for the event. Instead, plan a get together with friends in which you help each other tan and paint those nails (and maybe toenails). A couple of your friends may have talent styling hair, let them help you achieve your special look. A word to the wise, have your friend try her talents on you several weeks before the event. This way you can schedule a professional if your friends talents are not as good as you expect. A makeup party several weeks before prom can be fun and is the perfect time to experiment with that perfect look you are trying to achieve. The day of the prom is no time to find out that what looks so great in pictures doesn't look right with your skin tone or your friend can't pull it off.

If you all want the beauty-parlor experience, call a local cosmetology school. Because they are a school, their prices are much less expensive than those of a salon. Also, if several friends go together, you can ask about a group rate.



That stretch limo may do little but cause financial stress. If you insist on a limo, make it a group affair with several couples going together and splitting the cost. Borrow or rent a nice, but less pricey ride for the evening. Focus on fun. Clean and decorate your date's car (you can use balloons, streamers, and washable window paint to deck out your ride) and make it a special ride for the evening. Public transportation is also a possibility that can add a memorable aspect to the event.

Dinner to Remember

A special dinner with your date is also a part of the prom evening. A formal dinner can seriously dent a date's budget. Who says there is anything wrong with burgers or pizza on prom night? Alternatives include gathering as a couple or with friends at your home. Decorate ahead of time. But don't plan on going over board with the decorations, you have alot to do on prom day, no need to stress about making a mega-party too. Prom is supposed to be the big party. Talk to parents about using that cloth tablecloth and the fine china for the evening. Parents may even turn into servers for the dinner. Create the atmosphere, then serve food that stays within budget, while still looking elegant and tasting good. Assign each couple something to bring or make it potluck surprise. Prom happens in the spring and everyone loves a BBQ.

Continue the Fun

After the prom, instead of a lavish party at some swank location, think in terms of relaxed and fun. Turn a family room into a party room for the rest of the evening, serving simple refreshments. Ask everyone to contribute a special dish as the price for attending. Some city youth facilities offer a place or even plan after prom activities as do church youth groups. Check out the possibilities. Parents may get together to offer a safe place for your friends to hang out. The key to after-the-prom fun is planning and preparation ahead of time.



Not everything needs to be new. A friend or family member may be willing to lend a sparkly necklace or earrings, a fringed shawl or a purse just large enough for makeup, change and your cell.


Extra Funds

Ask if your parents will contribute in some way. Maybe they will pay for extra chores done around the house. Ask neighbors and family friends about babysitting, cleaning or walking dogs. Create and sell unique crafts. You probably have a closet full of clothes you don't wear anymore, try selling them on ebay (get your parents permission of course first). Earn extra by tutoring other students. Brainstorm ways to earn the money needed to make prom special. 




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