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If you want to rent a limo you should follow these guild lines to make it as smooth as possible and avoid prom day problems.
Visit In Person Actually visit the rental company office.  Don't just phone them, but actually visit their offices.  You'll be able to see which are fly by night and which and professional..  If anything doesn't seem right to you, leave immediately.  Don't second guess yourself.
The More The Better  Visit lots of rental companies.  Prices vary greatly.  Options vary greatly.  Make sure you understand exactly what is in each package you are considering along with the price.  Have all the options written down on a piece of paper for each rental company so you can compare them when you get home.  Don't choose a rental company on the spot, go home and sleep on it.
See The Actual Car  Browse the fleets of the rental company.  Look at all the cars and decide which one specifically you want.  Jot down the make, model and license number of the car you want.  All this information must be clearly included on the contract.  If this information is hand written on their standard contract, make sure it's also initialed
Book Early  You will get the best rates and the most options if book early.  It'll also be one less stress for you as prom approaches.
See The Papers Don't assume the cars are fully insured, the drivers are licensed and the company is state-certified.  Ask to see the papers.
What Am I Getting  Find out exactly what is covered in the cost.  Does the price include the tip?  How many hours exactly are covered?  What happens if you go over?  What are the cancellation fees?  
Call Ahead  Phone the company 48 hours before the event.  Confirm everything in the contact, point by point.  Make sure the time is right, the date is right, the car is right and the locations are right. Make sure of every little detail.



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