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Quick tips to prevent some of the most annoying  prom problems.

Tall and slender? Short and petite? A stick figure with little shape? For a special occasion, choose a dress that will fit your body style perfectly.

Don't let your nipples show through your dress - When you can't wear a bra Dimrs Self-Adhesive Silicone Nipple Covers will keep you covered up.  These silicon nipples stick to your skin without any adhesive. 

Keep your open back, strapless - There are several types of bra that are backless.

Keep your plunging neckline in place - A plunging neckline is good, exposing more than you want just because you move is bad.  Apply many strips of double-stick fashion tape along the sides of plunging neck lines to prevent gapping.  Since you have some, it might also be useful for keep your shoulder straps in the right place.  Couldn't hurt to keep this item in your purse. Hide your spill not yourself - Spills and other stains happen, nothing you can do about it.  But if you carry a fabric flower (and a safety pin) in your purse, you can hide from your friends.  You can make them yourself or find them at stores like Claire's
Help keep your dress down - Keep light short dresses in place, sew drapery weights into the lower hem.  A little extra weight will keep you from flashing your date while your move. Keep earrings in place - Clear eyelash glue can keep earrings on your ears and off the floor.  The glue distributes the weight of heavy earrings and will help keep them on your ears.
Protect your heels from lawns. - High heels are pretty, but they are long and thin and can slip into the smallest hole or grate  they also sink into grassy areas and dirt.  Clear high heel protectors attaches easily to heels and prevents these problems. Keep your hands free - Purses without long straps might be your style, but when you have a a long strapped purse, you can sling it over your shoulder and you hands will be free all night.
If you are too lazy to get what you think you will need in your purse, Solemates has an Outdoor Solutions 'Wedding Rescue' Kit.  It includes: Advil, antacid, Blistex, bobby pins, safety pins, bandage, ear plugs, sewing kit, elastic hair band, nail file, comb, tissues, Shout wipe, Tampax tampon, breath mint, floss and one pair of High Heeler Heel Protectors.



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