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Hourglass or pear-shaped, busty or boxy, choose the dress that suits your figure type

When a guy looks at your figure, does time stop because of your curvy hourglass figure? Does he drool and hunger for you because of your pear-shaped form? Or does he want to grab a football and play a few quarters because with your broad shoulders he imagines there must be football pads under your shirt? Whatever your figure type, you can focus on its great features and downplay its less than perfect ones by choosing the most flattering outfit to wear.

Hourglass figure - Anything goes with a figure like this. Your dress can be long or short, sleeveless or with or without a jacket. A strapless or off-the-shoulder gown will be just right. Make the most of your proportions in simple, classic lines. Avoid too much detail on the bodice or skirt that may make your perfectly balanced proportions look too heavy, or a two-piece, two-color gown that can result in a choppy look, splitting you in two.
Pear-shaped body - De-emphasize your hips by wearing an a-line or slightly full skirt. If you prefer a straight, form-fitting dress tie a sheer scarf around your waist or wear a unique belt that hangs loosely around your waist to draw attention away from your hips. You may want to choose a gown with a long, textured bodice with abundant trim, drawing the eyes to that area.


Busty shape - To de-emphasize the upper body, wear a gown that attracts the eye to the hemline or waistline. Choose a dress with a handkerchief hemline, for instance, or a full skirt with lots of ornamentation, creating a curvier lower body. Avoid cinched waists, empire styles that fit high under the bust, or lots of adornments on the bodice. V-neck, boatneck and keyhole yokes are for you.


Full-figured girl - A princess silhouette with vertical panels and no waist, or the straight, sleek lines of a chemise will be perfect. Avoid heavy materials, clinging fabric, bold patterns, contrasting colors or figure hugging styles. To minimize hips, choose a dropped V waist. Embroidery near the neckline, a V or shallow U neckline will draw attention to your face.



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