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How to pick plus size shapewear for prom dresses?

Going to your prom is one of the things you will remember.  Everything from the dress to the shoes, the music and your date.  That's why you want to make sure everything is perfect, including your comfort levels and look which is why knowing how to pick plus size shapewear is one of the most important things before your program.  We've broken out some tips that you can use to find the perfect pair of plus size shapewear for your prom dress.  You can buy plus size shapewear at our recommended partner by clicking here.


Comfort is everything.  shapewear is not going to feel like normal clothing.  It will be tight and will not be the most easy thing to always get on.  You have to know that upfront.  In order to make it fit and feel more comfortable you'll want to have all of the measurements of the areas you want to work on first.  Once you have them, compare them to the manufacturers specs on the plus size shapewear so that you know it is a good fit for you specifically. 


2. Don't worry about everything.  If your dress is a ball gown with a bell or covers your legs, you don't need to worry about legs or even your butt.  Plus size shapewear comes in many styles to target different areas.  If your prom dress has a bell or is flowing instead of tight, try plus size shapewear for your mid area and breasts instead of worrying about legs and butt.


3. Remember there are different levels and sizes of plus size shapewear. The last thing to remember is that you do not want to buy plus size shapewear that is one size smaller.  You won't get any extra benefits and you may be more uncomfortable or worse, it could rip and break at your prom.  Buy the size that is right for you.  Next go with the firmness of the plus size shapewear that is right for you.


The more firm the shapewear the tighter it will be and more uncomfortable the end of your night will be.  You may want to go with a mid level if you prefer more support and light if you only need a little smoothing.  Or you can go by size and shop here since everything is selected for fashion, function and fabulousness.

Picking the best plus size shapewear for your prom doesn't have to be scary.  Remember to find something that will be comfortable so you can enjoy your prom by reading the manufacturer's sizes, only use plus size shapewear where you need it and find a firmness that is right for you.  By shopping at stores like you donít have to worry as much because everything should be perfect since they buy everything with fashion and comfort in mind.

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